Why in the Builder can't I view the pages when I go to the Edit Tab?

  • Answered
All I get is scroll bars with the text for each page, to the far upper left, and not the actual full page layout (Design Template) for editing. This just started happening yesterday. Just the day before I was able to edit the pages just fine.
Hi KyleSanders, Sorry to hear about the builder issue you're having, hopefully we can get this sorted out for you. I think to get to the answer, we'll have to ask a few questions first. 1. What browser are you using? For example, is it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome? 2. If the builder was working just fine and then stopped working suddenly, I'm wondering if anything has changed. For example, have you recently added any new content to the site? 3. If you change to a different theme within the builder and try to edit, does this fix the problem? There could be an issue with the theme. Also, I would recommend clearing your browser's cache and then testing again. If you can respond with additional information, we'll be happy to review further. Thanks! - Brad