Subrion Rights Modifications

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Hello dear friends...I try to change the Right or Copyright to my name ...and i don't know how to make..if is possible..

The second Question is i can right at About Us , Privacy Policy , Term of Use , Advertise Us or Help....i mean i can't find the right docs to modify or add....:)

Thank's for your time to answer at this question sand hoping that you will have some answers i wish you a good day :à and Happy Easter

I represent Subrion CMS development team. You can change your copyrights in templates/default/layout.tpl file.
Pages content could be modified via Admin Panel -> Manage Pages. No need to edit any files, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Subrion open source cms you can always ask at user forums as I believe that's the best place to ask software related questions.


Hello Gerry25,

Thank you for contacting us regarding making Subrion Rights Modifications.Before you make a copyright change to anything on your website, you should make sure you've gone through all of the appropriate steps that the US Copyright Office requires (if your copyright is within the U.S.). Otherwise, if you're simply trying to change text on a webpage in order to add the copyright symbol, then you need to access that text either through the code of your website, or the application you're using to build and/or edit your website. When I go to the main website on your account, it at one point appeared to be using Wordpress, but now it looks like it's using something else. If you're using Wordpress, the APPEARANCE section of the Administrator will usually have the ability to make the changes you need. In any case, putting the copyright symbol involves 1)Making sure you have a copyright, and 2)changing or inserting the copyright symbol on the copyrighted term.

Your second question is pretty much the same as the first. You can either access the code directly and change the text there, or make changes at the source. We are not familiar with the Subrion CMS that you appear to be using. You may need to contact their technical support for further information. We need more information on the issue if you want us to research the problem that you're having with the CMS.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.