Changing our Web Hosting

  • Answered

We would like to have inmotion continue to register our domain via Melbourne IT however, we would like to change the website host from inmotion to Microsoft Office 365.

What are the steps to complete this?

Thank you for your questions Titus29! You can have a domain registered here and point the DNS to Microsoft Office 365. You will need to get the DNS information from Microsoft Office 365 required to get your site pointed to them. Once you get the DNS entries from them you can edit the DNS zone through the Simple DNS Zone Editor on your server or you can sent the DNS entries to tech support and we can change the DNS from the back end. You will need to have a server for the DNS to be updated. If Microsoft Office 365 has nameservers, you can change the nameservers to point to them. This is a simpler way to point your domain. Unfortunately, most sites require DNS changes and not Nameserver changes. Best regards, James R