How do I get help with payment issues - payment status, frequency, etc.?

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I am a customer on inmotion ad have hosted my domain on your system.

I have made payment for 1 year usage of your services. However, I keep getting monthly invoices.

Can you please verify the details in your systems, and ensure that we get only the annual invoices, when we need to actually make the payment


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Hello and sorry for any confusion. Unfortunately, you'll need to contact Live Customer Service to resolve this as we don't have access to your account via this platform.


Hi Raju.

Thanks for posting your question regarding your payment status. Due to the private nature of the details required to provide this information, we can not disclose this in our public forum. Please contact our live Customer Success team to discuss the details of your account.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D


Hello Effendi,

Thank you for contacting us about issues paying for an account. Here is a link to our guide on how to contact Customer Service. I recommend reaching out to them via ticket, chat or phone.

Thank you,