How do I get help with payment issues - payment status, frequency, etc.?

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I am a customer on inmotion ad have hosted my domain on your system.

I have made payment for 1 year usage of your services. However, I keep getting monthly invoices.

Can you please verify the details in your systems, and ensure that we get only the annual invoices, when we need to actually make the payment


Duplicates 29
i do not nwk our accounet
I would like to reach Customer Service - because it is not possible for to pay my account with my new VISA credit cart
what is my current status on billing? Do I own anything or when will I owe another payment on my website?
why does it say 'contact customer service' on my domain privacy bill? but it says they are both due 10/30?
my debit card require 2 factor authentication method

my debit card require 2 factor authentication method.

let me know why renewal failed using this method.

what other methods are available to renew my domain?

How do I send a payment for my IN Motion subscription?
Account email is no longer valid and need to change. Credit card has expired and need to update for payment.
we have payed the annual subscription, when my account will be reactivated ?
i tryed purchasing your 15.99 plan and it states i can pay this everymonth why is it trying to charge me something different


I am trying to pay for my domain but something seems to be wrong?
Why would you notify me of renewal that is not due till May 2021?

I just received a reminder for my subscription renewal which is May 2021.Why? 

which of my two different website transfers and my 1 blog transfer does this ticket number relate to: XXXXX
Hi! I bought storage space and received tickets in the wrong name, could you help me? Thanks a lot!
Need to renew my domain name registration it expired via old credit card. Urgent!
Not able to process payment

I am trying to pay for my renewal 

Editing a card for billing reasons

I want to delete a card, I am editing, placing the number of my Card and the system is not accepting the change- stating that the card is invalid. We want this to be paid via a credit card.

Renewal suscription.
Why is my VPS unable to open I am paid up for 1 year
you have an old email for a domain that we no longer have and havent for some time I am just trying to pay my bill
why I am being billed for $29.98 when I already paid for two years?

this is ridiculous!!!

quick starter never used refund

tried to get answer from chat room twice  When I purchased my hosting pkg I included quick starter.  I have not used the service and would like a refund for the$99 quick starter only while keeping wps 2000 plan as ordered  Please tell me where I need to contact

thanks Gerry Murphy


i am trying to pay but payment is not completed.

please proceed the payment 

Went to pay invoice and amount came up double ,

at $340.xx when it should have been $184.xx Could you please fix this. Thank you,Bill Vernisie

Where Should I Send My Check?
I made a renewal payment through PayPal but it is not processed by you.

I made a renewal payment through PayPal but it is not processed by you.

Paymnet posting

I was just made aware our CC payment for hosting did not go through. I processed the payment through PayPal how long will that take to post and for our sites to come back up?

Why am I being charged for a website I stopped in over a year ago?

I am challenging a a bill for this automatic renewal. I do not want this and I haven't used it for over a year.

I expect that this will be reversed immediately.


Received a charge in American Express for 324.74 from InMotion-782 Houston Tx. for Lightning Step Technologies.  Not sure if this is you.  If so, can you tell me who made the charge?

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IMH Support Agent 2
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Hello Charlotte,

Thanks for your questions about your billing for your account.  Responses to the Support Center website are public domain, so we can't divulge account information in a reply.  Please contact our Customer Service team.  They will be able to assist you with any billing inquiry.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.

Jimmie Bownes


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Hello and sorry for any confusion. Unfortunately, you'll need to contact Live Customer Service to resolve this as we don't have access to your account via this platform.

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Hi Raju.

Thanks for posting your question regarding your payment status. Due to the private nature of the details required to provide this information, we can not disclose this in our public forum. Please contact our live Customer Success team to discuss the details of your account.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D

IMH Support Agent 1
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Hello Effendi,

Thank you for contacting us about issues paying for an account. Here is a link to our guide on how to contact Customer Service. I recommend reaching out to them via ticket, chat or phone.

Thank you,