Moving my blogger blog to wordpress on inmotion hosting

  • Answered
I want to move my blogger real estate blog to inmotion on the WordPress platform without loosing subscribers or seo rank on Google, can this be done smoothly on inmotion hosting
Thank you for your question nhrei! You can migrate your WordPress site to our server with no downtime. For information on importing Blogger to your WordPress see the following link: Importing Blogger data into WordPress Once you have your files imported and you know the site is working on the temp url, you can update the dns to point to our server and you should see no downtime. Here is more info on changing your nameservers: Updating your domain's dns / nameservers Unfortunately, when you use Blogger to host your blog, they have the domain like the following: When you set up WordPress on our server, you will have a domain and not a subdomain set up at Blogger. When you change the URL for your site, your SEO will be effected because the domain that your blog is accessed by is changed. You would need to resubmit your blog url's to Google and set redirects from your old Blogger url's to the new url's to try and mitigate your SEO results at Google. Check these links for more information on Google. Submitting a Sitemap to Google using Webmaster Tools Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools Best Regards, James R