sql server seems to running slower

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Moodle cron jobs are now taking much longer to run and today getting errors accessing database, used to be slower at peak times of day and rest were faster now as of 10/8/2012 much much slower
I have e-mailed support and cannot log in to view request via weblink since support ticket system does not recognize the password, found out from chat that I need to create an account to use support tickets and it is not linked into main account so I will do that and also send another e-mail to support. It is moodle and site was running ok until Monday and worse today. so waiting to her back from e-mails, phone support tells me to use e-mail so I did and waiting for reply
Hello Soulan5,

I tried to find your account based on your Support Center login, but there is nothing appearing on it, so I couldn't check history or see what's happening on your server. Action for this type of issue really needs to be discussed with systems. You should email [email protected], make sure to include your verification info (last 4 digits of Credit card on the account, or the AMP password) and the domain name having the problem. Indicate the problem you're having and ask if the issue is simply a server issue or something that you can resolve by optimizing your site.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.