How do I replace an existing web site with a new website?

  • Answered
I have an existing web site as a sub domain of my primary domain. The web site was created with a template that I can not identify. I have completely rebuilt the web site using Web Easy Pro 9.0 and need help figuring out how to get the new site uploaded. I have backed up the original site but am now a little confused as to which files to delete from the file manager and which files to upload. Any suggestions where to start?
Hello Rabrisbois, Your website files reside in a specific place on your server. As long they are in the typical place - public_html, you can simply DELETE them and then your website is no longer there. You may also need to delete a database if there is one associated with the site. However, I did manage to find your website based on email associated with this account. The domain's website files are ALL in side the public_html folder and there are no associated databases. Therefore, if you wish to delete your website completely, simply delete all of the files within the PUBLIC_HTML folder. You can do this with FTP or the file manager. I'll give you the link for using the file manager out of the Cpanel: Using Cpanel File Manager Remember that you have to be logged into the Cpanel to get to the File Manager. After you have deleted all of the files within the public_html, you can start building a new website. The files for the new site would go in the same folder - public_html. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.