Zikula admin page is missing options

  • Answered
Just installed Zikula, logged into my new admin page but the menu consist only of home, user admin and logout, no content management options. Did I miss something?
thanks in advance
Hi topbanana, I'm not familiar at all with zikula, so I'm not really sure where you should start with using it. I did install it, and when I log into the admin page I see quite a few options. I took a screenshot, which you can see here: zikula admin screen When I installed zikula, I did a complete install, which installed all of the available plugins. The other option was a basic install, which only included the necessary plugins. Do you recall which install option you chose? Feel free to post comments at the bottom of this page, and we can continue more on zikula if you have any follow up questions. Thanks! - Brad