"SSL on InMotion" Email - Spam or Valid?

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I've been getting multiple emails from "SSL on InMotion" (address [email protected]) with a pretty ugly-looking email text as follows:

Autossl has successfully renewed the Email Validated (EV) SSL certificate for
[MYEMAIL@MYDOMAIN] on the InMotion Network Server.

The new certificate lacks the secure key for your email address; [MYEMAIL@MYDOMAIN], this might lead to email deliverability and security issues.

A verification is required to use this feature for a secure and efficient mailing experience.

There's then a "Verify" button which directs to an address starting "

Has" class="redactor-autoparser-object">https://ipfs.io/ipfs..."

Has anyone else got this? It's spam, right?

IMH Support Agent 1
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Thank you for contacting us regarding a potential phishing email regarding SSL's with InMotion. Do not follow that link, as it does appear to be a phishing scam email. I recommend reviewing our guide on Avoiding Phishing Scams for more information on how to identify scams.

Thank you,