Need help with addon domain

  • Answered
I've successfully added a 2nd domain and installed Wordpress. I've pointed the nameservers to InMotion and now need to login to the admin page which I'm not able to find. I get the message "can't connect to server." Looking at the "File Manager" from the control panel, I notice the domain isn't under "public html" Is this the problem?

Thanks for contacting us about your addon domain. The error your getting is due to your computer not being able to connect to the server. Generally you this will happen when using a new domain if the DNS has not propagated. Where the files are located on the server will make no difference. DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate. If its been over 24 hours since making the change i would recommend contacting technical support so they can see if the DNS is propagating as it should be.

Best Regards,
Kyle M