Why is my sent email arriving in spam?

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I use an email address from my AMP. It's @mydomain.com. On the client end, I use the web interface of Gmail. I have Gmail set up to send mail as my email above. The trouble is, I find that many of my emails wind up in my customers' spam boxes and I have no idea why. Is there some sort of setting that adds some type of verification header to outgoing email messages which signals to the receiving client that the email is legitimate and not spam?
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello survivalbloke, Thanks for submitting a question about sent email arriving in spam. This is an issue that email users across multiple platforms face all the time. However, it is not often fixable on the sender's end. Often, it is on the part of the recipients to manage their spam filtering parameters. This often ensures that the sender and recipient have a legitimate transaction: the recipient has agreed to receive this email and made the necessary allowances so that the message does not get caught in a spam box. However, we have a full guide regarding how to avoid emails from being labeled as spam. If you are in compliance with all the rules written there, you can assure your recipients that you have taken all the action possible from your end. Best, Christopher M.