jetpack plugin connection failure - registration secrets do not match

  • Answered
In the plugins on my new wordpress site on inmotion (http:///wp-admin), when I try to activate 'jetpack plugin'. I get an error: Error Details: The registration secrets sent by your site do not match the ones the Jetpack server has on record. I tried all possible things - (a) deactivation of all plugins, delete/reinstall. no luck. (b) xmlrpc.php file looks good with expected message (c) jetpack debugger console says: We were unable to make an XML-RPC request to your website. Please make sure that XML-RPC is turned on and that Jetpack is installed, activated and connected with your account.
Hi, spock. Thanks for posting your question regarding the Jetpack error you are receiving. I'm sorry to see you are experiencing issues when connecting the plugin. According to Jetpack's support documentation, you should contact Jetpack for support. I would recommend reaching out to them directly to ask them how this error can be resolved. If you need assistance in implementing a fix that they recommend, you can always contact our Live Support for help. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E