How Do I Go Live with My Development Site?

  • Answered
Hello. I've been developing a site for someone and hope to go live within the next week. They have an existing domain already registered and hosted but will likely have me host their new site as well (they don't need access to cPanel). Is there a guide on the steps I need to be aware of? This is my first time doing this. Thanks!
Hello! Thanks for posting your question regarding launching your development site live. I'm happy to help answer your question. I will need a bit more information though, as the procedure for going live depends on many different things. How did you build the website? Is the development site located on the same server as the live site? If so, what directories are these sites located in? The answers to these questions should be able to help us gain a better understanding of how you should proceed, to assist you further. However, if you simply need to point the domain to the InMotion server you are hosting the development site at, you simply need to change the name servers, following this guide. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E