Question about transferring/building a website

  • Answered
I am really new to this, we bought a domain name through godaddy and want to transfer it over to inmotion. We have not actually started building the website yet, and just have it redirecting to our etsy store. Can I start building the website here on inmotion using prestashop, and then transfer the domain name and connect it with the site after it is built? Are there specific tutorials that can help with something like this?
Hello, Thank you for your question on creating your site here on our servers before switching the domain to display from here. Yes, that is very common and easily done. First you can go ahead and install PrestaShop onto your account. Go ahead and use the actual domain name during the installation process. PrestaShop will not work if you try to use the temp URL. To be able to access the PrestaShop site, you will need to make a hosts file modification. This just allows your own computer to see the website from the hosting server using the domain name. This way you can build, see, and test the site as it will be once the domain is pointed to the server. You will be able to enable/disable this whenever you like on your own computer so you can also return to your Etsy store when necessary. Once you get that in place, you can then begin to build your store. You can follow our PrestaShop education channel articles to help you get started. Kindest Regards, Scott M