Some MP4s not playing in Chrome

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This may be a Wordpress or Chrome issue, but wanted to check with your team.

Some MP4 files aren't playing on my site in Chrome.
For example:

I have a background video here for my 404:
I also have a video at the bottom of this page:

Some people can see them, but some cannot.

Neither autoplay (or even show up) in Chrome, but are fine in Safari.

What do you suggest?
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Hello, Thanks for your question about video playback in Chrome. The videos loaded in my Chrome browser, but they played more smoothly after the initial load. This may be due to the video codec or the type of compression used. Some developers use a combination of techniques such as providing different file formats such .mp4, .flv, and .ogg to provide compatibility for a variety of browsers, or loading the videos from a third party resource. This takes some of the strain off of the server generating the website itself. For compressing the files, a program called Handbrake offers an impressive array of options. You can get a much smaller, less complex file without sacrificing picture quality. Best, Christopher M.