Forcing https onto media

  • Answered
I ran a search and replace plugin to change http into https for most of my site but it hasn't altered any media.

Some of my pages are unsecured still because of this and I need the whole site to be secure for Ecommerce.
I am using Wordpress "Bridge" theme, most of the site is built using visual composer. and I have an SSL certificate.

How do I get all of my media to be https to make every page secure?
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Hello, Thank you for your question about searching and replacing http in your site. After reviewing some of the popular options for http replacement plugins, I'd suggest that it's best to review the code manually using information from a website like Why No Padlock?, which find all instances of http in the code of the site and where you can find them. That being said, there are some WordPress plugins that provide admirably simple code to reduce these conflicts, like the popular Download Http to https forced url by Facem Web plugin. Best, Christopher M.