Dreamhost does have a cPanel right? I might need help with migration.

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I might need help knowing where to go in my Dreamhost cPanel to get the info I need. At least I think DH has a cPanel, right? I want to move all the VPS content to here. And perhaps at least a couple of my shared-hosting domains to the VPS I have here. Not sure if there is any information here specifically for that hosting provider. I know about nameserver pointing and all of that -- just not sure how the migration process works. In the meantime, I will read the documentation again
Tim S.
Hello, Thank you for your question about migrating cPanel accounts from Dreamhost to InMotion Hosting. So, you should be able to log into DreamHost's cPanel. From there, you would want to run a complete cPanel backup. Now, download the backup to your local computer. From there, you'll need to upload the backup to your VPS. Remember the name of the backup and where you placed in on your VPS. From here, send us a verified email. In the email provide us with a path to the backup and where you would like the cPanel restored. Alternatively, you could reach out to our Website Transfers Team to see if DreamHost is a host we can migrate from server to server without running a backup. Keep in mind, that website transfer requests can take quite a bit longer to fulfill than if you provide the backups yourself. If you're not sure of where to run your backups in Dreamhost, I'd reach out to their support to more information. I hope this helps! Please let us know if you need anything else. Thanks! Gratefully, Tim S