Blog within BoldGrid Theme

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I'm trying to reroute my posts to a page I've created. I know the steps, but when I get to the page to check it, I see it's wonky. The title of the post deletes my page heading "Blog." and moves up into my header image--the font of the title also becomes very large. I just want it to be down where it should be.
Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?

Thank you for your question on the pages within your BoldGrid theme. I see you are using the Diced theme for your site. This theme, as with most others, will indeed remove the page title for a 'Blog' page. Others, like 'Home' or 'About Us' will retain their title on the pages. That is the design of the theme.

The font size is also controlled by the CSS, so it will be large if it is the name of a post.

In testing this theme on my own site, the blog page performs the same way. The background image itself displays in its entirety except for the post preview sections, which have a white background.

You can change the code for your theme if you know how. To do that, click Customize in the left menu, then select the CSS/HTML editor. From there you can make custom modifications to your theme template or CSS.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M