Transfer a website & domain using cPanel

  • Answered
Sorry if this is a simple question, I just don't know much about cPanel (or websites in general). I have looked at the help articles, but it's all confusing to me.

So I have a website at the moment set up by some web designers. My end goal now is to back up my current website (just to be safe) and transfer everything (domain name, especially) to InMotion Hosting, where I'll then create a new WordPress website on the same domain name.

My question is: these web designers have given me ftp/cpanel details (host, username & password) to the website - is this enough to transfer everything to InMotion Hosting, or what else should I ask for?

Thanks and apologies again for the simple question,

Hello, Thank you for your question regarding website transfers. This is everything you would need as long as you can also get into your databases via phpMyAdmin to create backups of them. You could contact our support department who can perform the transfer for you. Best Regards, TJ Edens