When trying to install Moodle 3.7.2 I get the error message "Unable to generate kid and privatekey, hence cannont install Moodle 3.7"

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If this cannot be resolved this server is useless to me. I am using Softaculuos to install. I would have hoped for a better error message than this to let me know to where to start looking.

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If I could review the apache logs I would have done that. I couldn't even get the server set up to run apache as I was using your softaculous software. I installed Moodle 3.6.6 and then upgraded to 3.7.2 and that seemed to work but I am not sure yet because of a URL issue.

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Thanks for posting your question about the error message you are receiving when you try to install Moodle through Softaculous. I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with this. I recommend reviewing the Apache error logs to see if there is something that can be determined as far as the error is concerning.

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