Experiences with Moodle and SCORM content

  • Answered
Can anyone tell me if they have installed Moodle on InMotion AND delivered SCORM content? If so, what version of Moodle on InMotion? And what software was used to generate the SCORM content? Camtasia or Captivate, or one of the open source or freeware? Any difficulties you found in the process? Most concerned that Moodle was able to read the SCORM content/zip ok, and that it could bookmark and track student progress successfully from SCORM content.

Hello Chuckbower, Thank you for your question regarding Moodle and SCORM. I have not done this personally but I did find a lot of documentation on SCORM and how to integrate it with moodle. If you have any errors that we can trouble shoot we will be happy to help. Best Regards, TJ Edens