Long and inefficient "Onboarding"/Website transfer

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Hi. I understand you probably get a large number of requests at this time of year from people like me whose current domain/hosting expired 31 December, and that you have a holiday this week and short working hours for your staff, all of which is understandable and fine. I also understand you place your upsold customers higher in the queue and probably drop "questions" to the bottom again while they await answering.
My complaint is with the poor communication from your Website transfer techs and the lack of a sort of general "may experience delays" banner or message regarding the holiday or whatever. Also, in the exchange with your web transfer colleague, it really seems that with a little more initiative the problem could have been solved easily. I responded to the query, again very clearly, and never received a further response or any activity on the matter days ago. Now I am faced with my website going dark on 31 December, and as I've had this academic blog for more than a decade, I'm not very happy. Again, I can understand delays and the need for clarification, I just can't understand the lack of response at all, and hope you can please advise. I transferred to inmotion specifically because of the recommendations for Wordpress support, and the experience has not been a good one so far.
Please advise.
Hello deutschemoderne, I am genuinely sorry to hear you are having an issue with the website transfer process. It is upsetting to feel the looming termination of an account while waiting for the content to be transferred. There are times when the number of website transfers is greater than normal and delays do occur. I am with you in that some sort of notification is needed so that you are not expecting one thing and experiencing another. I will certainly forward your concern up to the management team. If you wish, you may also submit a comment, complaint, and even kudo at any time to our manager_feedbackinmotionhostingcom and I encourage you to do so. Each and every email submitted there is received by the management team and dealt with accordingly. I see that the techs have indeed begun your transfer so you should be all set before the time your other account expires. Be certain to come here to Community Support area for any general questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact Live Support for anything you need that is account specific or time-sensitive. Kindest Regards, Scott M