Locking Access From Developer

  • Answered
The project is a codeigniter site. The Developer is unreliable and terminated. I changed the C-panel password, sql password, ftp password, and looking for the config file wherein I can make sure password is updated as well.
Hello Designtech, Thank you for your question on changing your site admin password for CodeIgniter. It does not seem that your site is hosted with us, so I am unable to confirm directly. In most CMS cases, the users are kept in a table in the database. The password will also be stored in there, but encrypted. The best way to change the password is to use the forgotten password link that appears on the login page (I am assuming your site has a link such as this) Just be sure you have access to the email address. You can change the email address in the user table in the database by using the phpmyadmin tool located in the cPanel. That should help you ensure they are not able to get back in. Kindest Regards, Scott M