SSL on a VPS

  • Answered
Hello, I have a VPS with multiple domains under different cpanels. One of the websites is an ecommerce site and needs a SSL assigned just for that specific domain. I already have a SSL certificate purchased for this domain on godaddy, but have a few questions on how to make it work.

- The VPS has a dedicated ip, do I need to have additional dedicated ips for each cpanel I want to install the SSL certificates on? If so, how do I do that? And can I have as many dedicated ips as I want?

- Will the dedicated SSL certificate purchased through inmotionhosting cover only one domain as well, so then when I need another website to have ssl I have to purchase it again?

Hello atavio5, Thank you for contacting us regarding SSL on a VPS. The amount of dedicated IP's included with your account are based on the specific Hosting/VPS plan you signed up for. You can always request/purchase additional IP addresses via AMP (Account Management Panel). There is no limit to how many you can purchase. Once the IP is provisioned, you can assign the IP to an account in WHM. Since your SSL is from Godaddy, you can request a CSR from us. Once your CSR request is submitted, our Support Team will respond via email with your CSR. The email should be the one referenced by the SSL and not necessarily with the primary email address on the hosting account. You will then provide the CSR to your SSL vendor so they can properly key your SSL. When you receive the SSL from your vendor, please respond to our email and attach your SSL. Our Support Team will then install your third party SSL. You can also install the SSL yourself, as outlined in our guide. Yes, when you purchase SSL's, they are specific to the domain. So you will have to purchase a new SSL for each URL. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul