Connection domain name and hosting account

  • Answered
Our Website builder sent me this question:

Unfortunately your domain name is not connected to hosting account details of which you have provided.
Please contact your hosting company and ask them to help you to add domain name to hosting account (set nameservers and let DNS propagated).

I have an Domain ( an the Hosting with you - what must I do?

Thank you
Hello Msassl, I did check the whois on your domain, and I do see that the name servers are pointing to us. However please make sure that the domain is setup on the server either as the primary domain or an addon domain. As of right now the domain knows to go to our name servers but beyond that it has no idea what to do. Also there are other methods of publishing from the website builder such as either by using the temporary url or the IP address to the server. Best Regards, TJ Edens