Fake accounts registering for hosting and paying - what do I do?

  • Answered
Hi, I've received two customers with the same email and first name. Both customers have different last names and are from different US states. I believe these are fake accounts registering for my hosting services. Another red flag that tipped me is that they signed up for web maintenance and paid via paypal but aren't using any of their services...

What would be their motive to setup a hosting account with a domain but not do anything with it?..
Do you know how to stop these fake accounts from registering?
How do I cancel their account and refund their money?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Lakewatermn,

Thanks for the question about registering fake accounts. It's a tough call, because if they're not doing anything wrong, then it's hard to say that they're fake accounts or not. Plus if they're actually paying you then as long as they're following your stated rules and the law of the land, then it should be no problem. However, you can always set up your own Terms of Service agreement, that they have to sign. One of the terms could be that you have that right to refuse service. Generally, we confirm identification of the people asking for hosting accounts using a legal identification of one sort or another. Between that and our terms of service, we are able to screen out fake accounts. It still requires that you maintain a close watch on your services. though.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.