How Long Is It Before My Registered Domain Will Work?

  • Answered
i registered a new domain and hosting plan but i did not get any emails. it says it takes 20 minutes - now it's 2 hours. I then got word that confirmation emails have been sent, which i did not receive - therefore i cannot log in to reply to my first question in because i do not have an account yet. If the confirmation emails have been sent, my domain should be registered, correct? it is still available on the internet... please help
Hello, Sorry for the delay in the confirmation of the account and the issues with registration of the domain. The problem here is that due to the time differences, the billing department may not call at certain times. Based on the address registered in your account, your local time is essentially 12 hours opposite of the office here in Virginia. The best way to handle it would be to call in directly to the billing/live technical support team so that the confirmation can be completed. Apologies again for the problem with registering the domain. They can complete all transactions once the confirmations have been completed. Kindest regards, Arnel C.