Upcoming Renewal Charges Question

  • Answered
My VPS account has a renewal fee of $889. I originally signed up at a reduced fee....I can get the same service elsewhere for less. Are you able to reduce the renewal cost? Thanks.
Hello, Thank you for your question about renewal rates. The price you paid for the first year includes a 'new customer discount' and the prices you see online elsewhere are also likely the same for other companies. This means that after the first year you will also be paying their regular rates. For those who do not mind moving sites year to year, it may be beneficial to always go for the best rate. However, this can be a pain as not all servers are configured the same and certainly not all customer service/support is the same. We hope you like having a home with us and would like to see you continue with us. We are not able to discuss account specifics of any kind here in the public area, but you may want to contact our Live Billing team to see if you qualify for any discounts on your upcoming renewal. Kindest Regards, Scott M