where to find product number

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Hi I am trying to link my pages to the cart (opencart) and found a link that might work but it has a place for product_id number. Where do I find or create this number? the code is:

<< Add to Cart >>

This one was recommended for the cart button to show up but doesn't go anywhere when clicked What am I missing? Do I need to also put something in the head tag of the page? I got as far as defining categories, adding a product, and uploading an image. I have not been able to find documentation or a tutorial that goes beyond that. Please help
Hello, Thank you for your question on your OpenCart links. The id number in the URL you gave as an example is created for each product. This is its unique identifier for a product. You can see it by looking at the database itself, usually through the phpmyadmin tool. I am not sure exactly what it is you are trying to perform. If you could please provide specific details as to what you are trying to accomplish we may be of better assistance for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M