FTP large file upload using Dreamweaver CS6 fails

InMotionFans 5 years ago in Dreamweaver 0
Uploading a large file (70Mb) using Dreamweaver CF6 never completes. Specifically the progress window shows an increasing number of bytes transferred (as with files of any size) but after it indicates that all the bytes have been transferred, the progress window stays open indefinitely as if something is still not finished. Checking the transferred file using windows FTP shows that the transferred file is much smaller size than it should be.

Thanks for your question about uploading a large file with Dreamweaver. There's no explicit limits on the file size. But there's other factors which could affect it. Sometimes a lag in the network connection to the server can cause upload issues, especially if it's a large file or your connection is slow. We can look into the server's FTP logs to see if there's any errors but we'd need to know the FTP user or the IP address you're uploading from. It also helps to have a time range on when the upload failed.

If you reach out to our support department they should be able to look to see if there's more information in the log files. Since this is a public forum we dont want you to post account specific information.

Also, make sure you're not on a public wifi connection such as a library or Starbucks. Public connections are typically rate limited which can stall the transfer of large files. They are also insecure when accessing important account functions like FTP.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if we can assist you further.


Tim S.