Can't access my Wordpress multiste login but my sites are loading

  • Answered
The homepage of the main domain of my Wordpress network / multisite as well as all other associated sites are all loading fine...
- Main URL:
- Other sites: and

The problem is that when I try to access my login page, I get a "This site is no longer available." alert:

Yesterday I had been working with a hosting technician to try working out some domain redirect and add-on issues via CPanel and wp-config.php but I abandoned those attempts and reverted everything back to their defaults, or so I thought. All sites and access were working fine last night but then this morning I was unable to load my login page.
Hello pressedadmin, Thank you for contacting us about a problem logging into a WordPress multisite. We are happy to help. I reviewed your contacts with us, but will need some additional information. What specifically was the last thing you were working on before this happened? For example, what changes did you make in the wp-config file? Did you make any changes to the file structure? I found many results online where this message displays when a blog has been deleted. WordPress debugging may help provide more information into what is happening as well. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul