Check with PayPal (35) SSL connect error

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Our website:,
Happen below problem:
When check out with PayPal, An error occurred when attempting to initiate a PayPal Express Checkout transaction. As a courtesy, only the error "number" was shown to your customer. The details of the error are shown below.
(35) SSL connect error
The important is that it work fine before. Just happen this problem recently.
At this time, Your webhosting is unable to provide support for third party scripts and software. So when we check out with PayPal, happen this "An error occurred when we tried to contact the payment processor. Please try again, select an alternate payment method, or contact the store owner for assistance. () - (35) SSL connect error"
Hello, This error is typically cased by a misconfiguration of ZenCart in which the incorrect PayPal credentails are being used as described within this thead on the ZenCart forums. Be sure to check over your PayPal settings within ZenCart as well as if your site is ready to take orders, be sure to have the sandbox setting turned off as well as the live credentials placed within the configuration. Best regards, JeffMa