Switching from POP to IMAP

  • Answered
I use a Mac (OS 10.9.5) running Entourage 2008 and an iPhone. Right now I use POP to handle email. Due to some major issues (duplicates of all my emails being downloaded a random intervals), I think I want to switch to IMAP. I have concerns about how this will work and am trying to anticipate all potential problems. The first question is when using IMAP if I delete emails from the Entourage inbox, can I make it so they go into the Entourage trash instead of just vanish?
Second, can I save emails by dragging them from the Entourage inbox to an Entourage folder that I've created (i.e., will that email then be retrievable when I'm offline)?
What is the IMAP resource usage problem you mention in the tutorial?
Due to how IMAP works, the messages would not be available when offline like they are with POP. By default, Entourage will place items within a trash folder when deleted and they will still be available for a brief period of time.

The issues mentioned about IMAP resource issues is that with a large mailbox, resources can get high do to IMAP synchronizing all messages frequently.