How do I access the AMP panel?

  • Answered
New here. From the c-panel, I tried to access the AMP panel. I saw that you needed an email address and a password. I wasn't sure what that meant. I tried my existing email and the password to log into the c-panel, but that got an error. So I thought I needed to establish an email to the website I was intending to create here. I did that and created a password, but that did not work either. I then utilized the "forgot password" feature to get a new password through my email, but none of my email addresses and none my password works. So what to do?
Hello, Although you can get to the cPanel via the AMP (and directly), you cannot get to the AMP via the cPanel. The AMP is accessible via You will need an email address and password. The email address is the primary email address you used when you signed up for the hosting account. That will be the address the forgotten password email will be sent to. If you are certain of the email address and are not receiving the email, there may be a mistake in the information. In that case you will want to contact the Live Support team so they can correct it for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M