Updating SpamAssassin rules on shared hosting

  • Answered
As of lately, spam is getting through SpamAssassing's filters undetected. I am running sa-learn and spamassassin -r regularly, so my own personal database should be fairly established; SpamAssassin's user guide recommends to update your filters to make use the community's efforts as well, but sa-update does not seem to be available for shared hosting. Questions:

1) Are SpamAssassin's filters being updated by InmotionHosting's? How frequently?

2) What steps can be taken by people like me to make use the community's efforts in fighting spam?
SpamAssassin's rules are updated, however, the frequency can vary. Unfortunately, within shared hosting, you will not have any control over the rules that are used within SpamAssassin, however, it would be possible on a VPS. You could also create email filters to block additional spam as well.