How Do I Remove My Comments from Your Community Support Center?

  • Answered
i posted a questions on this website & the asked me to tell my domain name, so i posted the domain with the question. BUT the questions and the answers are appearing so easy on the search engines when any one search for my domain name.
can any body help me "How To Remove My Questions & Its Answers from here???"
because this made some problem for my business.
i hope any body help me in this because the TECHNICAL SUPPORT PERSON is not helping me although they promised "MY DOMAIN NAME WILL BE PRIVATE"
and i hope you all will check if you got similar problem with your domains.

thanks again

Hello khaled777, Thank you for contacting us regarding removing your comments from our website. Yes, this is our public forum, so everything posted here can be seen by the world. I would be happy to remove any links, or mentions of your site, but we will need some additional information. What pages are causing problems? Can you provide links to them? If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul