301 Redirects not working with OpenCart install

  • Answered
Could you check my .htaccess 301 redirects and determine why they are not triggering. Does it have something to do with openCart? I've looked through all the forums and seen similar problems but none of the solutions worked for me. Thanks.
Hello mobiWebcom,

Sorry for the problems with the re-direct. I looked at the .htaccess files that you had on your account. You have 2 of them - one that might have been overriding your .htaccess file in the primary domain public_html folder. I renamed the .htaccess file to "htaccess-backup" and then also looked at .htaccess file inside your public_html folder. This overwrite does NOT have the same type condition as the one you described earlier. The re-direct I was seeing was for something different. It should work as long as there's no other .htaccess file interfering with its settings. This does not appear to be an issue with OpenCart. Please double-check the .htaccess file you're using in your root directory. See if it's working with the existing change. Also, look at the re-direct and compare it with the one you're describing in your question.

Kindest regards,
Arnel Cl