someone is trying to buy domain names that conflict with ours

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our domain (.com) is hosted with InMotion Hosting. A hosting company in Asia has a customer that wants to register new domains that all start with our domain name and ending with ".asia", ".cn", ".hk", and ".tw". They even are trying for domains containing ".com" and ending with those asian root domains. For example: .asia .cn .hk .tw I do not want our customers confused or "tricked" into going to some other company's website, nor do we want our search engine rankings diluted as a result. What can we do to prevent this unethical behavior. Thank You.

Purchasing the same domain name as someone else but under a different TLD (.com, .net, .asia, etc) is perfectly allowable. The only exception may be registered trademarks (walmart, pepsi, etc)

it is very common for other sites to have the same domain name with different extensions. They are not necessarily going into business against you, the product may be different. The vast majority of domain names are not even used, but 'squatted' on by large companies hoping to resell them at a profit.

However, if they happen to have the same product as you they will simply become your competition, there is nothing against that on the internet. It will come down to who has the better website (content, SEO, customer service) While it may seem annoying, it is not considered unethical, unless they duplicate your site and present themselves as you, but still there is nothing short of possible legal action to stop them if that occurs.

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