Move Contacts Win 8.1 to Office365/2013

  • Answered
I'm not able to sync or import all my contacts from my 'People' category into my Office365 Small Business Outlook or the desktop version Office/Outlook 2013.
Any suggestion. I'm not having IMAP issues in that my Google emails address, calendars and contacts are syncing great. What am I missing here? Thank you all for the generosity of your help and expertise, Jerry
Hello, Thanks for the question and apologies for the problems you're having with Microsoft Windows contacts and Office365/2013. I did a bit digging and I found this article that might be of some help to you: Exporting Contacts from Windows 8.1. This problem is unfortunately something primarily concering Microsoft, so if this does not help you, then you should consider looking at Microsoft's support forums, or consulting with their technical support for further assistance. I do hope this helps to resolve the issue you're having. Kindest regards, Arnel C.