users are near or have exceeded their individual mail qu

  • Answered
I received this message: "The following users are near or have exceeded their individual mail quota."
How do I clear the mailboxes of the various accounts?
We use the addresses as mail forwarding to individual accounts. Don 't the messages delete when they are forwarded?
Hello, Thanks for the question! You can easily manage your mail box quota's by going to the cPanel. We have an article called Mailbox Quota Exceeded which will walk you through this procedure. If you're trying to delete email accounts, then you would need to login to the cPanel and then go to Email Accounts to delete any unnecessary accounts. If you're trying to clear the mail accounts of the emails causing the mail box to be near the quota, you would need to log into each mail account in order to remove the emails that are stored in each account. That is the only way to reduce the amount of email in the account. This can be done through webmail or through any email client setup to access the account. Regards, Arnel C.