How do I change a page file name?

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I was having trouble with bots completing my contact page. So I deleted the page. I instead made a contact page on my Wordpress site. I made a new contact page on my inmotion site (using premium web builder) using an "external page" and linked it to my Wordpress contact page. Unfortunately, the file name for my new inmotion site contact page is "page3.php." My old contact page was "contact.php." I want to change the page file name to "contact.php," but premium builder won't let me. The "page file name" box is grayed-out and won't let me make changes. I changed the file name in my CPanel to "contact.php" but that didn't make any difference on the site. What can I do? I don't want to have to go through my entire website and change all of the "contact us" links. Right now, all the "contact us" links are getting errors. Thanks
Hello divabilee, and thanks for the great question. I see that you were already able to point over your Premium Web Builder Contact Us link to your WordPress contact form, and that's a great method to use to help cut down on some bot spam! You might also be interested in my guide on blocking unwanted users from your website. For instance I can see looking at your cPanel raw access logs that you have one IP address from Osmaniye, Turkey that is using the Synapse User-Agent string and had hit your contact.php script multiple times. You could either block a user by IP:

Deny from

Or in this case, it would be even better to block users by User-Agent:

BrowserMatchNoCase "Synapse" bots Order Allow,Deny Allow from ALL Deny from env=bots

In this case I'd recommend going the User-Agent blocking route, because the Synapse User-Agent is used by the old school Pascal programming language that's very outdated. So you'd typically only see a request from this type of agent when it's coming from a very old bot. Newer bots that are actually good like Google and such, wouldn't be affected by this block because you'd specifically be calling out the bad bot by name. Glad you were able to get things going the way you wanted, but if you did have any other questions at all please don't hesitate to ask! - Jacob