Moving products into subcategories

  • Answered
I'm new to this software for our museum store and previous to my coming onboard to manage the site the categories of "Books" etc. did not have subcategories. So, under "Books" are listed all our books. I now have put subcategories in of "Children's"," Adult's", "Maps", and "Media". I now need to move the existing items under the appropriate subcategories. Can you tell me how to do this?
Thank you!
Hello, Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information for us to investigate the issue. What software are you referring to? If you are using the eShop in the Builder program, then you simply have to edit the eShop in the Builder, go to the Products tab, then click on EDIT. You then have to select the subcategory that you want the product to be in. If you are referring to a different product, please let us know and we can investigate the issue further. Regards, Arnel C.