Mail delivery failed [554 Denied] What does it mean?

  • Answered
One of my employees is unable to send emails to a certain domain ( returning the following Mail delivery failed email details:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
host []:
554 Denied []
(Mode: normal)

Just that particular employee is unable to send emails, what's wrong?

Hello jorgetalamas, Thank you for your question. That type of error typically means the incoming email was rejected, likely for suspicion of being spam. You may want to check the content of the email and ensure it does not contain too many spam words. Also, you may want to send a test email from another account on the domain. If this gets returned as well, you will want to send the entire bounceback email in a ticket to our Live Support team. They will be able to take a look to see if the server itself may be blacklisted. To help confirm this information, you can also use our Bounceback Parser tool. Kindest Regards, Scott M