My cPanel shows two login boxes one as separate window

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When I login in using Chrome I get two login boxes. They are different. I cancel the second and click on the first one. The second is a pop up small box. And then it works fine. But when I login using Firefox the second box is larger/longer and cancel does not assist, I can not login and even if I enter user name and pass as I did for the first box.

Pop up second login box text:

A username and password are being requested by The site says: "cPanel"


Hello Whyiask,

The reason you're getting two separate boxes might be due to the browser trying to authenticate the certificate. You can cancel the first login and then you'll see the normal cPanel version. I'm not seeing any of those issues when i use the URL that you have provided. I do see the typical SSL certificate warning, but you can hit cancel on the first and then login with the second screen with no problems. Make sure to clear your browser cache, then try accessing it again. Also, try using your "domain name/cpanel" (replace domain name with your website url). I'm not sure if I'm duplicating what you are describing - it doesn't appear as you have described the issue. Please provide more information on the issue if the problem continues and we would happy to look into it. You may also want review How to login to the cPanel.


Arnel C.