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We have a blog at and separate website at We're trying to combine the two under a new WP site ultimately under, with blog entires under

However, we don't want old links to break. What's the best approach to getting our new WP site to respond to, and

eddie mayan
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Hello Wejens, Thanks for the question. At some point in time, you will need to delete the site or change the DNS entries and then have the or resolve at InMotion. The way that that any internet browser knows which place to go for the website files is by the DNS settings (these settings include the address of the website). Currently, anything referencing will go to the site. If you're using "" and you have changed the name servers to InMotion, then your domain on will try resolve at InMotion and NOT at So, do NOT make that change until you are ready. You will first need to migrate the website over. Check out How to Migrate a site to InMotion Hosting for more information. I highly recommend that you become familiar with using what's called a hosts file change. This allows you to install the WordPress site using the domain name you eventually want to use. This would need to be done BEFORE you install WordPress. The hosts file change will only affect the computer you are working with. It allows you to test the installation before you go live on the internet using the actual domain name. If you're on a Mac, the instructions for a host file modification are here. Once the migration is complete, and you have tested the site, you will need to change the name servers over to the InMotion Hosting name servers. If your domain is not managed by us, then you will need consult with your domain registrar's support team/knowledge base in order to find the information needed to change their settings. Do not delete or remove the website (or change the DNS) until you're sure that it's ready through your testing the site using the hosts file modification. If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.