I edit my Joomla 3 template but my website is not changing

  • Answered
The template that is presented for editing in administrator (which is set as default) is NOT the template that shows up when I view the site.
Hi rchorsch, If you are editing your Joomla template and you are not seeing the changes:

Ensure that you are editing your "Site" Template

Within Joomla, there are Site templates and there are Administrator templates. The Site template controls the look and feel of your website (your front-end site), while the Administrator template controls what you're Joomla dashboard - /administrator looks like.

Ensure the template you're editing is activated

Keep in mind too that when you install a template, it does not auto matically activate it. You may be making changes to a template that is not activiated. The following tutorial has more information on this: How to change your Joomla 3.1 Site Template

Clear your browser's cache

If you're doing everything right, it could be you're not seeing the changes because you need to clear your browser's cache. For help with this, please see this tutorial: How to clear your browser's cache I hope this helps, keep us updated! Thanks, - Brad