Do I Already Have a Web Site, Tai Ji Gate, with InMotion Hosting?

  • Answered
I cannot find my web site so I was wondering if my web site, Tai Ji Gate was still alive and can be seen.
Hello Clarrisa, Sorry to hear that you are unable to see your website. I checked the account based on your domain name, and it is still active. However, your domain name "" no longer appears be registered on the internet. Website generally consist of two pieces - the location where the files are stored or the hosting service (this is your InMotion Hosting account), and your domain name which would need to be registered with a domain registrar. If the domain name is not valid or expired or NOT registered, then you would not be able to see the website files on the internet. When I checked the domain name "" it is simply not registered at all. Your hosting account does not have a domain name registered in the active subscriptions. This means that you may have registered the name elsewhere and it has expired or it was never registered in the first place. Note that purchasing a hosting account does NOT guarantee that a domain name is also registered for you. You would need to specify this need when you sign up for the hosting account. You can login to your Account Management Panel (AMP) and you can also register (or re-register) the domain name since it no longer appears to be registered. In summary, you do have a website hosting subscription with InMotion Hosting, but there does not appear to be a current domain name assigned to that hosting account. The one that you have mentioned,, is no longer registered to a valid registrar at this time. If you remain confused about this issue, you are welcome to contact our live technical support team (available 24/7) via phone/chat/email - their contact information is at the bottom of this page. I hope this helps to clarify the issue for you! Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.