Joomla Staging Website

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I am trying to create a staging area to work on the next version of my website without affecting the current live version. I called support who helped me create a Subdomain @, and although we copied over all the files from the main website, anything that is extension-related is not working. Here are 2 quick examples:

1) K2 Login Module - there should be a K2 login box in the sidebar on every page except the homepage, and it's not there on the staging site.

2) AllVideoShare shows YouTube videos on our website, and in the staging area, I just see the code & not the video (perfect example is on the homepage).

When I go into my Staging Admin, it shows that the components are all installed & activated. Can anyone help me finish the last step to get the staging extensions/modules working like the live website?
Hello GenConnect, Sorry for the problem you're having with moving your site. You need to make sure that ALL of the paths in the configuration.php file are set correctly. I looked in your config file, and it's still set as though the site were running from the default location. Please change these settings and then it should be okay. I did a search for it on the forums and this is probably the best reference to it: Move Joomla site to a directory or subdomain. I hope this helps to clarify the issue! Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards, Arnel C.