Email from a one domain is not making it to our email accounts - the other party gets the mail back marked as having timed out.

  • Answered
All other email is working fine - we just can't receive email from one particular domain. I have a copy of the message that comes back with full headers - doesn't seem to be room to post it here.
Hello Anthonyhill, Apologies for the problem with your email. I do have the issue currently being reviewed by our systems team. If you see bounces like this, there may be a variety of reasons. Here's a great article that explains many of the reasons for a bounce: .Email Bounce back errors. I just received word from the Systems that the server issue is being investigated. I will file a ticket for you so that you are automatically notified (via email) of the resolution when it occurs. It will go to the email that is associated with your hosting account. Apologies again for not being able to provide an immediate answer, but our systems team will respond as soon as the server issue is resolved. Regards, Arnel C.