How can I create a new account in AMP?

  • Answered
I have an account but I can't access it and I need change our hosting from bussiness to vps.
I know that I can do it from AMP but I can't access. I have an email from AMP telling me the id and the domain, but I'm trying all day and it's impossible, and can't change my password.
Hello EfikosNews, I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're facing trying to You will not be able to access the AMP account through the support center login with your Facebook account. You need to login to AMP with your primary email address. It's noted in your account that support sent you the reset form for AMP. You can use that to get into your Account Management Panel (AMP) screen. Check out our article on finding your AMP login info. If you're still having problems with the login, please contact our live technical support team (contact information is at the bottom of the page). Regards, Arnel C.